Severe weather barrels east, threatening more tornadoes


An outbreak of severe weather that began as thunderstorms with large hail over the southern Plains Tuesday night and expanded through all modes of severe weather into Wednesday night over the South will continue to press eastward and congregate along the southern Atlantic coast during Thursday night.

The severe weather at midweek turned deadly as over two dozen preliminary tornadoes were spawned in Oklahoma, Texas and Louisiana. Madill, Oklahoma, sustained significant damage from one of the deadly tornadoes, and National Reporter Bill Wadell was on the scene shortly after the tornado struck.

The violent weather shifted eastward across the Southern states during Thursday and will continue into the evening hours. Half of a dozen tornado reports came out of southern Georgia on Thursday as one particularly violent storm charged eastward across the state, according to the Storm Prediction Center (SPC).

Severe thunderstorm warnings and tornado watches were in effect across portions of Alabama, Georgia and Florida on Thursday afternoon.

“All forms of severe weather can continue to occur with the event ranging from damaging wind gusts and hail to frequent lightning strikes and tornadoes father to the east into Thursday evening.

Those sheltering at home or the few on the road should closely monitor the weather situation and be alert for rapidly changing conditions.

There is some question as to the number of tornadoes that may occur during Thursday afternoon and evening as storms that erupt or slice through early on may disturb the atmosphere and inhibit a warm flow of moisture from the Gulf of Mexico enough to prevent supercell thunderstorms from forming on a mass scale during the afternoon hours.

In lieu of tornado-forming conditions, smaller, less-intense tornadoes can still occur and pose significant risk to lives and property over the Southeastern states and even farther north toward evening in the lower part of the mid-Atlantic coast.


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