Vancouver Weather: Sunny and warm

Accure weather

Today’s weather is expected to be sunny, with highs of 16 C and 21 C inland. Watch for the UV index, which Environment and Climate Change Canada has listed at level 8 or “very high.” Overnight, it looks clear and 10 C, and then Friday is set to be another balmy day, with clear skies, and highs of 22 C and 26 C inland. Looking ahead, the weekend is expected to be a toasty one, with sunshine and inland highs reaching 27 C, or 22 C closer to the water on Saturday and Sunday. The weather turns cloudy on Monday, with a high of 18 C, and then there’s a chance of showers on Tuesday and Wednesday, with highs of 17 C both days.
Weather: Vancouver, B.C.

Today: Sunny. High 16 C except 21 C inland. UV index 8 or very high.

Tonight: Clear. Low 10 C.

Tomorrow: Sunny. High 22 C except 26 C inland. Humidex 27 inland. UV index 7 or high.


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