Tidal bore moves along New Brunswick’s Petitcodiac River


Here’s a neat little force of nature for you, sent to us by Weather Network viewer Ron Ferguson.

The video, captured in Riverview, New Brunswick Monday, features a tidal bore moving across the Petitcodiac River.

“I was about to park at a riverside area in Riverview to drink my coffee when my wife said, ‘Oh look, the bore is coming!'” Ron says in the video’s description.

“So I quickly parked the car, pushed out, and managed to get a good capture of it. It was quite powerful!”

The size of the wave can range in height from a couple of centimetres up to 75 centimetres and can move as fast as 13 kilometres per hour. Tidal bores are influenced by several factors, including seasons, river slope, and the wind.

They occur in areas with strong tidal amplitudes like the Bay of Fundy region. Most of Canada’s tidal bores occur in Atlantic Canada, but a strong tidal bore is also common in Vancouver Island’s Nitinat Lake.


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