Rain & Snowfall

Rain & Snowfall Charts for regions around the World

These charts show the intensity of rainfall or snowfall. Rain is shown in shades of blue and the snow shades of purple, the heavier the precipitation the darker the colour. We also underlay the cloud shadow on these charts and that is what the grey colours represent. Surface pressure lines with values in millibars are also shown as thin black lines. Low centres and high centres are labelled appropriately.

Remember that these precipitation amounts shown are a total for a 3 hour period. This does not mean it has to be raining or snowing for a full 3 hours though. In fact the total shown could have all fallen in a 1 hour period and the remainder of the time it was dry. So if you want to know where to go to get wet then you are in the right place. Conversely if you are looking for dry conditions then you will find that here also.

  • UK

  • Europe

  • North America

  • Africa and Middle East

  • Caribbean

  • South America

  • Australia and New Zealand

  • N Atlantic

  • India

  • Middle East

  • W. Hemsiphere

  • E. Hemsiphere

  • Azores & Madeira

  • Spain/Portugal & Balearics

  • China/Thailand

  • Japan/Philippines

  • Canaries & Cape Verde

  • New Zealand

  • Eastern Mediterranean

  • Central Mediterranean