Alberta’s 1st confirmed tornado of the season touches down near Mossleigh

Accure weather

The first confirmed tornado of the season has touched down near Mossleigh, Alta.

Environment Canada said it received multiple reports and photos of the tornado touching down around 10 a.m. Wednesday.

There was a dust cloud spotted at the base of the funnel but as there were no reports of damage the tornado was rated as an EF0, the lowest ranking on the Fujita scale, which measures damage caused by tornadoes.

“This was considered a landspout tornado that was generated by weak rotation under rapidly growing clouds or weak thunderstorms,” a statement from Environment Canada said. “Landspout tornadoes do not usually cause significant damage but can still be dangerous as they can topple trees, damage roofs, or toss debris a short distance.”

The agency is asking anyone with photos of the tornado to reach out, either by calling 1-800-239-0484, sending an email to, or tweeting #abstorm.

Earlier on Wednesday, there was a funnel cloud advisory for the Brooks and Vulcan region, southeast of Calgary. That advisory has since ended.

Peak tornado season in Alberta runs from June to August, with around a dozen tornadoes sighted each year.


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